Xiaomi brought the fingerprint sensor to the screen on the screen

Xiaomi Me 8 leaks
We have already seen a mobile phone with a fingerprint sensor on the screen, but we could not pay much attention to the masses. Based on Peek’s latest video on the Web, China’s huge Xiaomi was able to win the race in front of Samsung.

The clip that was posted to China’s social networking site “Weibo” and picked up by SlashLeaks shows that someone pressed the front firmly to unlock the mobile phone. This demo is very similar to the fingerprint sensor displayed on the screen.

Apparently, the next Xiaomi Mi 8 is a good bet for this technology, it is the phone displayed on this clip. I do not know exactly when phones will be on the market in Asia, but recently we are planning to officially launch it before the end of the month.

But is that true?
Can we believe in your eyes? The video certainly looks like genuine (it is much harder to simulate a video than a freeze frame), but at the same time it comes from a relatively unknown source, not an established predictor. He currently has a 60% confidence score for SlashLeaks, so please do anything.

I am convinced that this type of technology can be used almost immediately when the manufacturer wants it. It must exclude not only the reliability and cost issues but also the contents of the phone and what it contains.

Ultimately, having a fingerprint sensor on the back of a cell phone is not a complete disaster. Therefore, the phone manufacturer only uses this technology if it makes sense. Nokia 9 which we expect by the end of the year needs to include a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

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