Preorder the first 4K G-Sync HDR game monitor at a discount price

Acer Predator X 27
If you are hypnotized on Acer’s first 4K Nvidia G-Sync HDR game screen, Predator X 27 should not overdo it: $ 1,999 (about $ 1,490, $ 2,660 USD).

This message is on Newegg ‘s pre – order list, promising that the monitor will be prepared on June 1.

This price is more than most high end game PC. However, given the early losses from European retailers, the price fell short of expectations. It was converted from the price of the euro and reached almost 3,000 dollars.

Unfortunately, Newegg has not posted any monitors yet in the UK or Australia. Either way, you can expect attractive prices as well in these areas as well.

There is at least a relatively good reason for this monitor to be very expensive right now. In simple terms, on the paper, this screen is literally superior to all other game monitors.

This monitor has a higher frame rate than most 4K displays at 144 Hz and the 384 backlight behind HDR technology works fine with G-Sync frame smoothing. Next, there is the DCI-P3 color gamut standard, and it is possible to detect the monitor with the brightness of 1000 knits required for HDR 10 authentication.

PCWorld points out that it is much brighter than the 600 knit seen in AMD’s FreeSync 2 display.

In other words, the next generation NVIDIA graphics card must wait for the game to play with the maximum resolution of this advertisement. GTX 1080 Ti can not even handle 4K at 144 Hz in the best games of the day. So be careful of early adopters.

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