News Huawei UK’s new managing director believes that the reputation of innovation will promote growth

It is an exciting time to enter Huawei’s smartphone department. It is now the third most in the world, in light of the release of the flagship P20 and P20 Pro, it was probably a combination to penetrate the initial consciousness.

According to figures by IHS Markit, Huawei increased the shipments of smartphones last year by 14% to 39.3 million, currently managing 11% of the market.

Anson Zhang is a person who is responsible for using this momentum and expanding business in the UK. After joining the company in 2009, he served as Country Director of the Czech Republic and Finland and assumed 2 months ago as General Manager of the Huawei Consumer Business Group in the UK.

“I think my main job is to find the best products and service quality in the UK,” he told TechRadar Pro. “Establish Huawei as a premium brand in the UK market.

“The UK is a strategic market” Britain is one of Europe’s largest countries and already recognized as a brand in countries such as Spain and Italy.

Huawei focuses on innovation, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced imaging, and offers selling points for the latest major products.

Mr. Zhang hopes that Huawei gets a reputation for British innovation, but I agree that marketing plays an important role in making products.

“It is not about technology and fashion,” it is our job to build a brand, while insisting on innovation, but on the other hand trying to strengthen the brand’s fashion side (not only performance, Also something like).

Creating a brand is pretty difficult, but Huawei has two brands. In addition to the high-end devices under Huawei’s banner, we also produce cheap smartphones with the Honor brand. Is not it so difficult to explain to consumers? Anyway, Mr. Zhang says it is easier to enter new markets with both assortments.

“I do not think there is any conflict, but the brand message of Huawei [and Honor] is clear,” Zhang said. “Huawei focuses on innovation and is a premium brand that invests most of our advanced technology.

“People’s lives are different and people in different countries are different, so we need to understand what end users and what he wants, and what his preferences are.

Support for operators and dealers is essential for such expansion. Maintaining good relationships with partners with as many devices as employees can store, promote, and train will be Zhang’s priorities.

“I think that is a matter of trust, we are very satisfied with our products, otherwise they will not be parts.I need to communicate not only with partners but also with end users There is build up.

To this meeting, China rival Xiaomi (the world’s fourth largest smartphone maker) agreed with CK Hutchison, the parent company that stores equipment in the UK. I am convinced that some of the Chinese who are not used to British consumers may be in violation of Huawei’s plan and that Shenzhen company will be a high-tech innovative equipment company. quality.

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