Intel Cannon Lake is officially 10 nm with the first list of mobile processors

Canon Lake ‘s 10 – nanometer Intel processor may not be ready until 2019, so the company did not stop fueling the anticipated flames. The company officially announced details of the Cannon Lake processor (for notebook PCs) for the Intel Core i3-8121U processor.

This is the same 10 nm processor that Chinese retailers spilled a few days ago, the official specification of Intel is almost the same as the details posted on this site. For entry, the display confirms the basic clock of 2.2 GHz and promises an acceleration rate of 3.2 GHz by the dealer.

It sounds like a high clock speed of the i3 processor, which confirmed Intel ‘s dual core with 4 threads.

Where is the graphics?
The details of the processor are relatively lightweight 15 W thermal design power (TDP), there is enough room for other parts, and generally the battery life will be long.

In addition, this battery life goal is two new types of memory or RAM (up to 32 GB LPDDR 4 and LPDDR 4 X) supported by this processor. Because these two new types of RAM are designed for low power applications, they contribute less to TDP and lower overall battery performance.

However, it is truly strange that there is no graphics core or GPU in the data sheet of this processor at all. Almost all other Intel processors have a certain level of Intel HD Graphics.

Lenovo IdeaPad 330, the first laptop processor found, has a discrete AMD graphics chip. Otherwise, it will be a laptop that does not do anything. Is it a specially designed chip for cost-effective use of games and multimedia?

Because there is only one spec sheet, it is hard to say what Intel’s intention of this mobile processor is, but now at least Cannon Lake is a little strange by the time it arrives in 2019.

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