Best laptop for kids: the best laptop for children above elementary school kids

It is surprisingly common and probably necessary for children to have computer equipment by 2018. These devices are usually robust and affordable tablets. However, there will be times when school work and play are not enough – you have to get the best laptop for your child.

Your kids need a keyboard and a large screen laptop (or Chromebook), and there are enough difficulties in reporting books and doing homework. Fortunately, TechRadar came back. We have done a few surveys (and in most cases some tests) to find the best laptop for kids.

In this article, you can find the best laptop computer for children for various reasons from low price to enhanced frame, even parental control. We may not have tested or reviewed all the products we recommended here, but we are laptop experts, with the exception of the best laptop for children.

1. Dell Chromebook 31 3180
Dell’s latest entry level Chrome OS notebook is the best option for our first laptop in our opinion. The 11-inch frame of this Chromebook may be small, but there are also small ones. Most important is an activity lamp that allows children to lift hands numerically, or a sealed keyboard that can withstand splashing or rubber covered sides. An incredible phenomenal price is also noteworthy. In addition, Chrome OS is historically simple for both parental control and malware protection.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad 120S
If you are accustomed to Windows 10 or like children, I think Lenovo 120S is most impressive in the same class. The laptop is slightly enhanced to withstand shoots and overflows and has a USB-C port for the future. Finally, please make sure there are no bloatware potentially distracting your child on this device. In our book, it is enough to recommend this laptop to all parents, especially Windows 10 family.

3. Acer Chromebook 15
As your children approach or enter the 2 – digit year, more robust things may be needed to support larger projects (and more streaming). Acer’s newest 15-inch Chromebook gives you the perfect agility for your child’s computing experience, from design to full HD display, high-speed USB 3.0 port, HDR webcamer and more features. However, this notebook is ideal for teenagers to offer a more luxurious experience with superior price, due to larger size and features not tolerant to children.

4. Asus Transformer Mini T102HA
Even though your child essentially requested a tablet, if you want to see a traditional computer, this Windows 10 tablet game was particularly impressive of what we have seen. This tablet brings not only fingerprint sensors, pens, keyboard covers, but also boxes, as well as many power supplies and connections. It is a battery life of 11 hours promised to erase it. If your child is too familiar with tablets to ride a conventional laptop, this is the best option given the price.

5. MacBook Air
Your little ones are not that small, so the time will come when you need a pair of laptops. But I know that parents are not made of money. In that sense, the MacBook Air is perfect for lifetime high school students and post-secondary children with a wonderful operating system and excellent portability. In addition, the MacBook is famous for the long life of most Windows laptops, but this version is often drastically reduced.

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