Best iPhone 2018: Which Apple Phone is Best?

The best iPhone you can buy in 2018 is not an obvious choice for anyone. Because Apple released three new iPhones at the end of last year, including expensive iPhone X.

Suddenly there are many options from 5.8 inch full screen display to user friendly 4 inch screen size, the price is very different. Anyway, purchasing a high-end iPhone is always a costly decision, so I’m here to help.

iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus all have secure places in the prestigious list of the best mobile phones, what happens if all recommended phones are iOS 11 devices? How are you ranked in the race until iOS 12?

These phones with an amazing array of various specifications, screen sizes, price points provide what you must provide for all types of Apple fans, so choose to read in a simple format Did.

1. iPhone X
IPhone you were waiting for
iPhone X is more impressive than expensive, but if you really need the best iPhone, we will look beyond this last feature. Millions of Apple fans announced from the beginning of November 2017.

It features a large screen screen, with the exception of the top notch housing the new TrueDepth camera. It costs selfies to another level and you can also assign your face to exclusive iPhone X Animoji. If you do not know something right now, you probably do not mind.

iPhone X is Apple ‘s 10th anniversary smartphone, with almost everything iPhone users are looking for, from trend setting designs to faster specifications and new features. What you have to do is get used to face recognition instead of reaching this nonexistent fingerprint sensor.

2. iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X is generally inferior, but if you are not ready to enter Apple’s smartphone future and that fingerprint sensor is necessary, the iPhone 8 Plus is the best iPhone. Here it is.

But, it has some important features you like. This is one of the first iPhones that can be charged wirelessly or quickly, and the camera has been improved. His dual lens camera does not have OIS in the telephoto range (the function recorded for X), but telephoto shooting is still possible.

With heavy eyeglasses design you rarely turn your head, but the iPhone 8 Plus is the iPhone. It’s a bit smaller than the new iPhone X with big hands and wallets.

The third iPhone 8
The latest 4.7-inch iPhone is still a phone that many people want
We will get it, you refuse to move the 4.7 inch iPhone screen size, frankly, we will not blame you. Whenever we returned to this iPhone with “normal” dimensions, I feel like I was on vacation with a smartphone.

Just because the size is the same as yesterday’s iPhone, that technology is not behind it. iPhone 8 has the same A11 Bionic chipset as iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Also debuted with wireless charging and quick charging with Apple smartphone.

The camera is still great, but there is no dual lens function dedicated to X and Plus. That size iOS 11 is more in-depth than the smaller iPhone SE.

4. iPhone 7 Plus
In 2016, iPhone 7 Plus is the best mobile phone Apple has made so far, it remains as a winner of longevity and price. It is bigger than the iPhone X despite its small display. Therefore, if you are looking for a small screen phone with a large screen, the 5.5 inch 1080p display is not optimal.

The most important improvement compared to the old iPhone is a waterproof design and a new double lens camera, you can record two 12 megapixel lenses at the same time. Use a better optical zoom and blur mode to blur the background of the photo and focus on the foreground.

The battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus has been greatly improved with the iPhone 6S Plus, but it is still an expensive option but it is much cheaper than at launch and it is one of the best choices for the iPhone.

5. iPhone SE
Old video technology
Even though the size of the iPhone SE is small and the price is relatively low, it is still a high-end mobile phone. It has the same premium box design as the metal-clad iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S with the same powerful Apple A9 chipset and rear view camera.

High resolution 3D touch function and front camera of iPhone 6S or later are missing. Also, because the screen contrast ratio is low, the screen is not very impressive. However, it is well compared to many mid-range phones.

It is also the most powerful 4 inch iPhone you can get, So it is an obvious choice for compact form factor fans. But the most valuable part is one of the cheapest iPhones found on the market, which is cheap on Apple’s standards so it’s price.

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